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03/06/2008 22:08

Day ONE at SEAGA 9

  The morning started at 9 am sharp with the welcome addresses by Dr. Emerlinda Roman, President of the University of Philippines, Dr. Chang Chew Hung, Secretary of SEAGA (on behalf of President SEAGA) and Dr. Doracie, Zoleta-Nantes, President of the Philippine Geographical Society. The...
03/06/2008 08:00

SEAGA conference 2008

This event is from 3-6 June.   Check out the link to the event.
02/06/2008 20:18


Here are some shots and clip of what went on today at prep.  
01/06/2008 21:02

GTA-SEAGA Fieldtrip to Manila

The GTA-SEAGA Fieldtrip delegation left for Manila at 1320 today. As of now the 22 delegates have settled down at the Great Eastern hotel. They will be setting off for Mt Pinatubo in less than 5 hrs at 3.30 am local time. Some of them have already gone to bed. Adrian, the tour gudie and Emmanuel ...
01/06/2008 21:00

Live Blog from Manila

The Singapore delegation has arrived in Manila. From today till Saturday 7 June 2008, a blog entry will be posted wash day to keep you up to date on what's going on.
29/05/2008 11:51

Update on Conference 2008

As of today more than 150 participants from 22 countires have signed up. Read out blog section for more details. More news of the conference will be published on a daily basis from 1 June 2008. Do come back for more information.
29/05/2008 11:42

Getting there

SEAGA 2008 will start on 3 June (just a few days away). As of today, the participants that have signed up come from over 22 countires. There will be more than 150 participants at Quezon City, Manila from the following countries:     Australia Belgium Canada China Fiji Germany Hong...
14/05/2008 21:41

More about our partner - PGS

The Philippine Geographical Society   The PGS was established on December 8, 1950 as a professional organization of geographers and geography enthusiasts to stimulate geographic interest through research and education, as well as to apply geographic knowledge in all phases of human activities....
14/05/2008 21:35

Meeting next door.

Dissertation Workshop on Challenges of Agrarian Transition in Southeast Asia (ChATSEA) 29 May-1 Jun 2008 Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA), Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines Do go for this workshop if you are in the region and then hop over to...
14/05/2008 21:31

SEAGA 2008 reaches far and wide

Apart from our usual mailing lists, the organising committe from Phillippines has managed to place seaga on HNet -  Humanities and Social Sciences Net Online. Professor Doracie Nantes and Pamela Crosby are doing a wonderful job with the publicity. Kudos to them.   Incidentally, HNet has a...

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