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11/02/2009 11:19

Update on Forum 2009

Dear Participants,   Here is an update on transportation this Saturday.   For those driving,   The open space public carpark is for coupon parking only. It will cost $1.00 per half hour. Please also note that parking space is on a first-come-first-served basis.   For...
04/02/2009 11:20

Update for participants of Forum 2009

Dear participants and speakers,   Welcome to International Forum on Cities and Climate Change – Society and Policy Responses.   As the event is a week away, we are sending you an update of the event (see attachment). Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact...
17/12/2008 21:57

SEAGA Focus Dec 2008

seaga-enew-dec2008.pdf (382,5 kB)
01/11/2008 22:55

SEAGA International Forum 2009: Cities and Climate Change

The International Forum on Cities and Climate Change is now open for registraiton. Please navigate to the events page using the link below.   LINK HERE
22/10/2008 10:27

International Forum 2009

01/07/2008 21:49

SEAGA Focus Jul 2008

seaga-enew-jun2008.pdf (236,4 kB)
06/06/2008 18:03

Day 4 SEAGA 2008

The SEAGA 2008 conference is officially closed. Just before the closing ceremony, the Secretary (aka moi) made the announcment that the next conference will very likely be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. The two professors from Hanoi National University of Education and National University Hanoi, Vietnam...
05/06/2008 21:35

DAY 3 at SEAGA 2008: Fieldtrip Day

Today 5 fieldtrips were undertaken:   1. Mt Pinatubo 2. Lake Taal 3. Metro Manila 4. Subic Bay 5. Manila Bay   The following is a set of 3 photographs taken from the Metro Manila trip. It shows the stark contrast in landscape between the Payatas Rubbish Dump (First two pics) and the SM...
04/06/2008 22:27


The programme was really packed today culminating in a round table discussion for IGU/SEASSWP. The discussion ended close to 6 pm with various delegates voicing the need for a stronger network presence for both SEASSWP and SEAGA. We hope to see a stronger SEASWWP presence at the next...
04/06/2008 10:23


The morning started with a concurrent session. After coffee break at 1015, the second plenary started with Philip Kelly's presentation on Conceptualizing Class in the context of rural change in the Philippines. Here are some photos. There will be orientation sessions during lunch and a special...

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