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11/11/2010 09:19

SEAGA 2010 Programme Updated

Please refer to the updated programme before the conference starts. Thanks.
26/10/2010 15:37

Tentative Programme Search

The paper sessions are now searchable. Please note that the papers are still subject to change. Thanks.   Search for presentations
26/10/2010 12:46

Reservations for Hanoi Hotel

A reservation form for Hanoi Hotel has been provided by the hotel. You may now use it for reservations. See you in Hanoi.   Link to Hotel Information
07/10/2010 12:42

Registration payment for SEAGA 2010

Please note that registration payment must be made by 15 October 2010. There was some miscommunication on the Bank's swift code in the previous announcement. Please use this one instead.   Beneficiary's Bank: VietcomBank, Hanoi, Vietnam Address: 31 - 33 Ngo Quyen St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi,...
16/09/2010 13:18

Financial Help for Conference 2010

For participants who may need some financial assistance we have 2 options that may be o fhelp to you at present:   As part of our outreach to graduate students and young scholars (PhD less than 3 years) in developing economies, SEAGA will be providing a few paper awards* of USD$300 to...
16/09/2010 12:44

Update on Conference 2010

UPDATE   Dear all please refer to the conference section on updates of the following:   1. Conference Fee Payment 2. Local Fieldtrips 3. Paper Awards 4. Hotel Information
08/08/2010 13:15

SEAGA Focus Aug 2010

seaga-enew-aug2010.pdf (337 kB)
29/07/2010 08:45

More information available about the Singapore Teachers Fieldtrip

A new FAQ has been set up. It is found on the left hand side of the main page for the SEAGA-2010 conference page.
24/06/2010 12:57

Special workshop on Field-based teaching in geography and related disciplines in Southeast Asia

As part of the SEAGA 2010 Hanoi Conference, there is a special workshop proposed. Click here for information.
24/06/2010 12:53

A writing workshop for early career researchers and younger faculty in humangeography and related fields

As part of the SEAGA 2010 Conference in Hanoi later this year, a special workshop is being organised for young academics. You may click here to read more.

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