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02/08/2014 10:26

Have you registered for SEAGA 2014 yet?

If you have not registered for SEAGA 2014, please do so now at the Registration page.   We wil feature papers that were submitted from around the world. The authors come from the following...
30/04/2014 10:38

International Volunteerism and Development in Asia-Pacific

Convenors: Dr. Sallie YEA (National Institute of Education, Singapore) & Dr. SIN Harng Luh(Department of Geography, National University of Singapore)    Volunteerism refers to the experience of undertaking work for altruistic reasons and where there is no expectation of...
22/04/2014 09:18

Special panels, package deals and plenary lecture information updated

Please check out the latest updates on the conference here.
11/04/2014 09:39

The Geography of Urban Climate Change in Southeast Asia: Science and Impacts

Convenors: Dr. Winston Chow (Department of Geography, National University of Singapore) & Dr. Chang Chew Hung (National Institute of Education, Singapore)  Rapid urbanisation in Southeast Asia over several decades, that has been manifested both in terms of extensive land use/land cover...
17/02/2014 20:03

Dates for SEAGA 2014 confirmed

SEAGA 2014 will be held from 25 to 28 Nov 2014 in Siem Reap. Mark it down on your calendar!
17/02/2014 19:38

Agrarian Change and Rural Development in Southeast Asia

Agrarian Change and Rural Development in Southeast Asia Convenors: Professor Rob Cramb (University of Queensland) and Professor Jonathan Rigg (National University of Singapore) Urbanisation may be proceeding apace in Southeast Asia but, even so, studies of rural development and agrarian change show...
10/09/2013 15:29

Job Opportunity

Job opportunity for a reserach fellow:
06/12/2012 11:12

Proceedings 2012 is now available online

You can check the proceedings onine now. Do note that this is the latest edition.
06/12/2012 11:10

Reflections by a blog journalist who attended the 2012 Conference - Ms Frances Ess

Check out her blog here.
06/12/2012 11:04

SEAGA Focus September 2012

seaga-eNews-Sept-2012.pdf (5.9 Mb)

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